SUMMER STRONG - Mind, Body & Camp

Ivy League Day Camp is proud to announce our newest initiative – Summer Strong! This innovative program incorporates healthy lifestyle choices into each child’s regular day. In addition to exposing your child to a variety of traditional and nontraditional sports and fitness, campers enrolled in this program will receive individualized coaching in nutrition, personal training, healthy cooking and so much more.

Ivy League Day Camp offers a fun-filled and 4 to 8 week program that encourages a healthy and active lifestyle for campers ages 3 through 15.

The Ivy League Healthy Kids Initiative offers participants:

  • Personal Training overseen by renowned fitness expert Margaret Velez-Cooper
  • Menu Planning with a local registered dietician
  • Healthy Cooking with a professional chef experienced teaching children of all ages
  • Daily Swimming in heated pools with instructional swim
  • Family Support with year round staff available to continue your child’s journey long after summer ends
  • Medical Oversight from onsite registered nurses

While we’re not a fat camp, Ivy League supports healthy weight loss for children while in their own environment. Why go to sleep away camp, when you can help your child start healthy eating and fitness habits right here on Long Island?

Available for 4-8 weeks throughout the summer. 9am-4:15pm, extended hours available. Why send your child away to get healthy this summer when you can start healthy habits right at home this summer?

*Financial Aid available, inquire in the office for details (631) 265-4177

To enroll now, please click here.

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