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Making Birthday Parties Special: Rent Our Facility!

It goes without saying – birthday parties are a really big deal for kids. They’re always filled with excitement, fun and games, and most importantly, friends and family. There’s nothing better than taking time to celebrate your child’s birthday with loved ones. As a parent, you’re going to want to make this occasion memorable, and make sure that your child’s birthday party is something they will look back on fondly for years to come.

At Ivy League Place, we don’t just rent out our facility, we rent out an event. We know that birthday parties are a momentous occasion, and that great memories last for a lifetime. Our lush, 16-acre event space is prepared to accommodate an endless list of possibilities, and provide more fun than any birthday boy/girl could ever ask for. With our dedicated staff, no request is too big – they’ll handle every detail to ensure that your next big birthday bash is the event of the season.

Preparing for Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

What’s your child interested in? If they’re enrolled at Ivy League Day Camp, they’re probably already familiar with the programs we have to offer – ranging from ceramics and photography to swimming and gymnastics – so they’ve probably taken an interest in some of these activities. Think about everything your child likes, from their favorite activities, favorite superheroes to their favorite foods.

Gathering these likes and dislikes can influence the way you plan and decorate their birthday party. With a great birthday, there are no real limitations, and just imagine how excited they’ll be when they see all their favorite things in the same place.

If you’ve got something specific in mind, like a themed birthday party, let Ivy League Place Help! Whatever your ideas are, Ivy League’s grounds is the perfect place to execute them. We offer full party-planning services, including catering, decorations, music, and props. Our partying planning staff is there to help you every step of the way.

Make it a Surprise!

Sometimes, the best moments are the ones you didn’t see coming. Kids love surprises, and a surprise birthday party is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. If you want to plan one, try a little misdirection. Pretend you’re just dropping them off for a regular day at Ivy League Day Camp, but the reality is that you’ve got something special planned. Surprise birthday parties create a lot of anticipatory excite for everyone, adults and children alike. Let us know, so that we can carry out your surprise birthday party just right!

Book Your Next Birthday Extravaganza with Ivy League

In addition to the main event, we have so many other things party guests can have fun with. In the daytime hours, we’re a day camp and day care, where kids have a safe play to learn, have fun, and just be kids! Our facilities include several pools, tennis courts, soccer fields, softball/baseball fields, tree houses, playgrounds, rollerblading and hockey rinks. All of the facilities our day camp includes is also available for your party goers. If your child has a penchant for the arts, our creative and performing arts facilities are also open for event use.

At Ivy League, we’re here to make your birthday party ideas happen. If you wish to book an event with us, or have any questions, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (631) 265-4177! We’d love to share our party-planning expertise with you.