Meet our Leadership Team

Noah Cooper (Owner/Director)

Noa Cooper
  • B.A. from Skidmore College and M.B.A. from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Past American Camp Association (ACA) Board Member
  • Owner of Ivy League since 2000
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Noah Cooper was born to own a camp and has been a camper since the age of three. From an early age, Morry Stein and Ben Appelbaum (former owner of Ivy League), legendary leaders in the camping field, recognized Noah’s passion for camping and helped shape his camping philosophy. His goal is to provide a camping experience for each child similar to what it was for him – a home away from home. Noah and his wife Margaret reside on the Ivy League campus with their two children, Gavin and Cora.


Margaret Velez-Cooper (Owner/Director)

Margaret Velez-Cooper
  • B.S. Brooklyn College
  • Past American Camp Association (ACA) Board of Directors Member
  • Signature Award recipient from the National Association of Women Business Owners for American Express Entrepreneur of the Year
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Margaret Velez-Cooper and her husband Noah have been partners at Ivy League Day Camp and School since 2000. She brings to camping a strong passion for the arts and fitness. With over 20 years of experience in the fitness and performing arts industry, Margaret has taught at Towson and Columbia Universities and has her own Pilates studios in Smithtown and New York City. As a strong believer in the educational value of camp, Margaret has worked assiduously to establish The Ivy League Foundation, which supports camp scholarships for local families. Margaret and Noah reside on the Ivy League campus with their two children, Gavin and Cora.


Meredith Stern (Director)

Meredith Stern
  • B.A. in Psychology from The University of Virginia
  • M.A. in Public Administration from New York University
  • Started at Ivy League Day Camp in 1979 as a Mini Camper
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Meredith Stern considers Ivy League her home away from home. She spent the summers of 1979 through 1997 at Ivy League as a camper, counselor and Division Leader. In 2009, Meredith returned to Ivy League after an impressive career in Health Care Administration in New York City. Working at Ivy League year round, she brings her love of camp into everything she does. Her three children, Justin, Evan and Carly, have all been at Ivy League year round attending both the school and of course, day camp. Meredith is proud to be a Director at Ivy League and welcomes the opportunity to bring the Ivy League experience and traditions to your family.


Rebecca Woltmann (Camp Office)

Rebecca Woltmann
  • B.S. in Applied Psychology from New York University
  • M.A. in Psychology from Adelphi University
  • Began at Ivy League in 1984 as a Mini Mini Camper
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Running our office year round, Rebecca Woltmann grew up as an Ivy League camper, student and staff member. She joined our leadership team in 2007, closely following the footsteps of her mother, Linda Kaplan, who dedicated over 45 years to Ivy League School and Day Camp. Rebecca manages the office year round and is in charge of camper registration, the camp portal, CIT’s and everything else that comes her way. Rebecca’s sons Ryan and Jaxon attend Ivy League year-round, following their mother’s footsteps, and began at Ivy League as soon as they were old enough.


Theresa Dunne (Operations, Teen Travel Director)

Theresa Dunne
  • Dual degrees in Child Study and Recreation Leadership
  • Started at Ivy League Day Camp in 2006
  • Proud mother of 3 grown daughters
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Theresa Dunne has been working at Ivy League School since 1997, and joined the camp leadership team in 2006. Theresa works behind the scenes at Ivy League year-round and is the glue that holds the team together making sure that each camp and school day runs smoothly. Additionally, Theresa coordinates the entire teen travel program making sure each trip is as successful as the next. When not at Ivy League, although we swear she sleeps here, Theresa enjoys spending time with her husband Brian, her three daughters, Meaghan, Shannon, Caitlin, and her granddaughter Johanna.


Katherine Fredriksen (Logistics Coordinator/Transportation)

Katherine Fredriksen
  • B.S. in Elementary and Special Education from Syracuse University
  • M.S. in Reading from Johns Hopkins University
  • Former camp director for 13 years in Maryland
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Katherine Fredriksen started her camping days as a child in Maryland. After experiencing everything from day to sleep away camp, Katherine found her true love to be working at day camp. When her husband, an Ivy League alum, brought her to tour Ivy League’s campus in 2009 for their then Mini Mini camper, Ashleigh, Katherine knew Ivy League was the place for her family. Now, her daughter and son, Calvin, live for their summers at Ivy League. Katherine is a former teacher (K-6) and continues to tutor children in remedial, grade-level, and accelerated classwork. After working “behind-the-scenes” at Ivy League for 7 summers, Katherine joined the leadership team in 2016.


Gina Sklar (Arts)

Gina Sklar
  • Nursery School Teacher at Ivy League
  • Teaching Degree from Adelphi University
  • Amazingly talented painter and muralist
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Gina Sklar has had a long career as a teacher, mother and grandmother. Her three sons Benjamin, Andrew and David all grew up at Ivy League Day Camp, long before she started at Ivy League in 2004. Gina is known for such feats as turning refrigerator boxes into castles and shoe boxes into zoos. What Gina appreciates most about the Ivy League atmosphere is the creative freedom it affords every camper and the many opportunities she has to tap into their talents and imaginations.


Brittany Cofman (Aquatics)

Brittany Cofman
  • B.A. in Psychology and Childhood Education from Adelphi University
  • M.A. in Childhood Education and Special Education from Adelphi University
  • Started at Ivy League in 1989 as a Mini Camper
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Heading up our staff of lifeguards and swim instructors, Brittany Cofman has been in the water since she was a mini camper at Ivy League. After completing the swim program at Ivy League, Brittany became a lifeguard at just 15 years old. She has been part of the Ivy League staff since 2003 as a counselor, swim instructor and head lifeguard. A competitive swimmer for 8 years, Brittany began coaching the Ivy Lightening Swim Team in 2012. During the school year, she teaches at Burr Intermediate School in Commack. Brittany joined our leadership team for the 2015 camp season and is passionate about sharing her love of swimming with our campers and staff.


Dave Sklar (Athletic Director)

Dave Sklar
  • Professional Certification in Educational Administration, College of New Rochelle
  • M.S. Secondary Education, Hofstra University
  • B.S. in Economics, Health and P.E., SUNY Oneonta
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Dave Sklar couldn’t fathom the idea of graduating college and not spending his summers at camp, so he decided to become a teacher. As a licensed Physical Education, Health and Aquatics teacher, coach and CPR/AED instructor, Dave naturally stepped right into his role as Athletic Director at Ivy League in 2016. Dave’s primary goal is to ensure that camp provides a safe and enjoyable learning experience for every child. Dave is motivated to ensure that campers and staff have the best summer year after year at Ivy League. Dave’s three children, Jacob, Faith and Kaylee join him in camp as they attend Ivy League to gain the experience of a lifetime that only camp can offer.


Stephanie Greene (Mini Division Leader)

Stephanie Greene
  • B.A. in Elementary Education from Brooklyn College
  • M.A. in Elementary Education from The College of Staten Island
  • Elementary and Pre-School teacher for over 25 years
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Stephanie Greene has been working at Ivy League since 2003. Before joining the leadership team, Stephanie was our Early Childhood Art Studio specialist. She also works at Ivy League during the school year, where she has taught pre-school for over a decade. To Stephanie, camp is a very important experience for children, as it reinforces family, social skills and community values. That’s why her three children, Jonny, Mike and Lizzy have all attended and worked at Ivy League. She cannot count the amazing memories and life-long friends she and her children have made at camp.


Stacey McKee (Mini Division Leader)

Stacey McKee
  • Lifelong camper at day camp and sleep away camp
  • Owned a gymnastics studio for 17 years
  • Began at Ivy League in 2008
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Stacey joined Ivy League School and Day Camp in 2008 as a gymnastics instructor after owning Twisters Gymnastics for over 17 years. We welcomed her to the leadership team in 2015 as our Mini 3-day and Mini Mini Division Leader. Stacey hopes that her campers will have fun while they build friendships and gain confidence in their athletic, musical and artistic abilities. When not at Ivy League, Stacey enjoys spending time with her two favorite campers, her sons Aidan and Parker.


Jackie Harris (Younger Girls Division Leader)

Jackie Harris
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Dowling College
  • M.A. in Literacy from Dowling College
  • Began at Ivy League in 2007
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Jackie Harris joined Ivy League School in 2006 and immediately fell in love with Ivy League. That same year, Jackie joined our Day Camp as a Mini Division Leader. Her love of children and her passion for camping has allowed her to gain experience working with boys and girls of many different age groups. Jackie has prided herself on building long-lasting relationships with her staff and camp families year after year. Her two daughters RaeAnne and Angelina have developed a similar love of camp. After being a camper for 6 years, Rae Anne began as a staff member at Ivy League in 2013 and Angelina who started in camp in 2007 will shortly follow.


Ray Guarneri (Younger Boys Division Leader)

Ray Guarneri
  • Educated at Potsdam University
  • Married his camp sweetheart
  • Has worked in the camp industry since 1998
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Ray Guarneri joined the Ivy League team in 2011 as a Division Leader. He uses his programming and entertainment background learned while working at Disney as he hosts our camp assemblies and adds “Hoop De Do” to our everyday. A true Peter Pan (his favorite Disney character), Ray is the oldest of 13 grandchildren and still requests to sit at the kids table at all family events. Ray and his wife Melanie, welcomed their first child, Laila Grace during the summer of 2013.


Kelly Larson (Middle Girls Division Leader)

Kelly Larson
  • Bachelors degree in Elementary Education with Educational Psychology Minor from SUNY Oneonta
  • Masters degree in Literacy from CW Post
  • 6th grade teacher since 2000 at Lakeside School in Merrick
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Kelly joined the Ivy League Leadership Team in 2015 after taking a short hiatus from camping to start her family. Having previously worked as a counselor and Division Leader at another prominent day camp on Long Island for 10 years, Kelly came to us with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Kelly and her two children, Sloane and Shane, quickly made Ivy League their summer home and can’t wait to return each summer.


Ruben Echavarria (Middle Boys Division Leader)

Ruben Echavarria
  • Bachelors Degree in Mathematics (Focus on Education) from Dowling College
  • Math Teacher at Ivy League School
  • Played and coached baseball at Penn State University
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Ruben Echavarria began his camping career at Ivy League Day Camp in 2009. He was quickly promoted from older boys counselor, to baseball specialist and currently is the Middle Boys Division Leader. During the off-season, Ruben’s love of Mathematics shines through as he teaches Ivy League students with his unique teaching styles and creative projects. When not at Ivy League, Ruben hits the books and the fields, working toward his Master’s Degree in Education from Dowling College and continuing his love for baseball.


Robyn Goodman (Older Girls Division Leader)

Robyn Goodman
  • B.A. in Psychology from Emory University
  • M.A. in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University
  • Former Ivy League camper, counselor and operations staff
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Robyn Goodman started at Ivy League in 1982 as a mini day camper. Returning in 2012, she joined the leadership team in 2013 as Older Girls Division Leader. Her love of working with children continues off-season as she is the VP of her child’s school parent group. Additionally, you can find Robyn participating and organizing fundraisers and drives to benefit underprivileged families and children with special needs throughout Suffolk County. Her two children, Jason and Sarah, attend Ivy League and can always be found smiling and showing off their creative and performing arts talents.


Adam Warshaw (Older Boys Division Leader)

Adam Warshaw
  • Bachelor’s Degree from SUNY Plattsburgh in Elementary Education
  • Dual Masters from Dowling College in Special Education and Reading
  • Started at Ivy League in 1993
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Adam Warshaw began his career at Ivy League in 1993 as a middle boys counselor where he spent the next 7 summers. In 2012, he returned to his old stomping ground joining the leadership team as a Teen Travel Division Leader. While not a camp, Adam has been educating the hearts and minds of 6th graders at Patchogue-Medford since 1998, where he also coaches girls softball and soccer. Adam’s children, Lily and Lucas, are counting the days to their next incredible summer at Ivy League.


Daryn Cohen (Teen Travel Division Leader)

Daryn Cohen
  • B.A. in History from George Washington University
  • M.A. in Social Studies Education 7-12 from Hunter College
  • Started at Ivy League as a camper in 2001
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Daryn Cohen spent many summers at sleep away camps until she found the teen travel program at Ivy League and instantly found her real summer home. Daryn spent 4 years working as a counselor on campus, but found her true calling back in the travel program. After gaining experience for 7 years as a counselor in both grads and post grads, under the mentorship of her former counselor Bruce, Daryn joined the leadership team in the summer of 2014. During the off season, Daryn is a high school Social Studies teacher in Brooklyn, where she loves working, even though she must wear less sport shorts and answer to the name of Ms. Cohen.


Bruce Lepanto (Teen Travel Division Leader)

Bruce Lepanto
  • B.A. in History (Emphasis in Secondary Education) from St. Joseph’s College
  • M.A. in Education (Focus on Professional Development) from Stony Brook University
  • Teacher/Mentor
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Bruce Lepanto started at Ivy League in 1998. As soon as he arrived, he knew traveling was his niche, and has since been a staple to the Ivy League Teen Travel program. When not at Ivy League, Bruce is a Teacher and Mentor for kids on Long Island. He helps them build skills, and supports and encourages them as they plan paths to achieve their goals. He operates on the premise that each and every camper is different and that his job is to make sure that each and every camper has the time of his/her life traveling. Bruce leads his travel group with great enthusiasm each summer!


To learn more about Ivy League Day Camp, contact us to meet our staff and tour our grounds.

Meet our leadership
Meet our leadership
Meet our leadership