Ivy League

Our Community

At Ivy League, our sense of community is well defined. Within our school, we relate to each other with respect, honesty and acceptance. Beyond our grounds we are known as a welcoming school with a diverse population where we encourage students to view the world through a wider lens. Beginning with Mandarin and Spanish in our pre-school, to our pen pal program in Middle School, our children become familiar with how their peers around the world are experiencing life today. Many years, we have opportunities to host visiting students from Korea or other countries who quickly bond with their classmates, discovering the similarities between two different cultures. Our own student population derives its heritage from as far away as Russia, India, Pakistan, China, Greece, Italy and Israel to the countries of Central and South America. At Ivy League we always make time to delve into the art, music, dance and traditions of all of our families.

Our student body is well aware of the needs of people around the world. Our faculty, parents and students regularly collaborate in large and small efforts to make life better for others. Blood drives, packages and letters sent to our servicemen overseas, drives for toys, clothing and food and direct financial contributions to aid organizations are some of the ways in which our students learn to see beyond themselves. Our efforts result in a student body prepared to take its place in the 21st century world with kindness, understanding and an open heart and mind.

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