Why Ivy League School

Ivy League School Mission Statement

Ivy League School is a Toddler to 8th grade learning community, in which we encourage a child's lively intellect, promote independence and self-confidence, foster social competency and inspire a love of learning. We accomplish this mission by offering a highly interactive, thought provoking curriculum which challenges each child's developing capacities. Small classes allow teachers to pay special attention to each child's emerging talents and skills. Children are encouraged to think critically, to question, and to generate ideas through multiple forms of expression. Each child is made to feel special and valued.

Using innovative and traditional approaches to learning, teachers guide our children through lessons in core subject matter, often incorporating the arts and technology. Foreign language, music and athletics round out the program. Within a mix of teacher directed and child selected activities, children broaden and deepen their knowledge, learn to make choices, and develop their problem solving and social skills. By merging the best of research with the wisdom of practice, our teaching staff has created a rigorous academic environment where children are excited about learning and in which they find multiple paths to success.

Importantly, the Ivy League community is a place where diversity and differences are accepted, appreciated and valued as each child learns to be a caring, contributing and productive citizen, with the skills to make a difference in tomorrow's world.

Why Ivy League School
Why Ivy League School