Ivy League

Life After Ivy League

Based on their record of accomplishments at Ivy League School and their exceptionally high scores on the SSAT, most of our recent graduates have gone on to study at some of Long Island’s and New York City’s most prestigious private high schools including, Portledge, St. Anthony’s, Avenue’s The World School, St. Joseph’s, The Ross School, Phillips Academy Andover, York Prep, Hauppague High School (AP Program), Central Islip (AP Program), and Stony Brook. Students who return to their home districts perform well above average and are generally placed in honors classes. Two of our Professional Academy graduates continue to attend high school and pursue their careers in theater and as an equestrian. We are always thrilled to hear from our alumni who have successfully graduated from some of our country’s highest ranking colleges including Yale, University of Virginia, University of Maryland, Skidmore, University of Charleston, Columbia University, NY University, University of Michigan, Pace University, Savannah College of Art and Design, St John’s University and University of Pennsylvania.

Some of our proudest moments occur when former attendees register their children for Ivy League.

Life after Ivy League