Ivy League

Field Trips

Most educators consider a field trip to be an unnecessary frill, opting to divert available funds and class time to test prep and common core. However, research findings validate Ivy League’s practice of focused field trips to be significant for learning. According to these studies, information learned from books or lectures is integrated more easily and remains in the memory longer when seen and heard first hand. At Ivy League, field trips are staples for enriching the curriculum and providing students with meaningful and memorable learning experiences. Our children are fortunate to reside in a geographical area rich in history, culture and natural resources. We believe that important and inspirational learning takes place when students come in direct contact with people, places and events related to what they are learning.

Beginning in kindergarten through 8th grade, our students are given approximately 5 field trips each year appropriate to their age and curriculum. From local restorations depicting life before our country became a nation, to exhibits at the Liberty Science Center which show where our future is headed, our students’ knowledge and experience base are deepened. To cap off their education at Ivy League Middle School, eighth graders are rewarded with a visit to places such as New York City, Washington D.C, Boston or Philadelphia.

At Ivy League, we are particularly aware of our educational obligation to cultivate our student’s aesthetic sensibilities. Our field trips also extend to introducing our students to opera, ballet, and theater. They attend opera and ballet performances at the Metropolitan Opera at Lincoln Center, and Broadway musicals such as Matilda and Aladdin. These rich experiences are coupled with backstage tours, interviews with performers and musicians who provide a perspective on what it takes to succeed as a serious artist. Whenever possible, parents are welcome to join with faculty in chaperoning our students.

Grade 4 field trip