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Professional Academy

The Ivy League Professional Academy program is a highly specialized program within Ivy League School dedicated to supporting your child’s efforts while engaging in the pursuit of their dreams, passions and aspirations. Children pursuing a professional career in an area such as dance, figure skating, equestrian, gymnastics, sports, modeling, vocal performance, acting, etc. who need to be away from school for periods of time during the week are fully supported through their enrollment in the Ivy League Professional Academy.

The Professional Academy program is specifically designed for students so that missed school time does not penalize them academically. They will be enrolled in Ivy League School; a New York State accredited school, with an outstanding reputation for academic excellence, and their progress in school will be monitored regularly and their learning supported via an individualized academic plan. While on-campus, students will be assigned to an appropriate grade level. The teacher remains the same when they are off-campus participating in their professional endeavors or coaching/training.

When off-campus, lessons, assessments and support are provided by the classroom teacher via computer assisted instruction at the same pace and sequence as class peers. Students will not fall behind due to off-campus professional activities for the time period that they are away; be it a day, multiple days or just a few hours. In essence, students are out of school but still maintaining the same exposure to the curriculum.

There are many benefits to Ivy League’s Professional Academy:

  • Students feel supported by their school and classroom teacher in their professional goals.
  • Your child will no longer feel that they are missing something at school.
  • Potential access to your professional trainers, coaches, and facilities during off-peak hours.
  • An individualized academic program infused around your child’s professional needs and/or the demands of their profession.
  • Support for the professional commitment that is being made by your child.
Professional academy