Ivy League

Toddler Programs

(2 Year Olds)

Ivy League’s vibrant two year old program provides a fun and stimulating environment for your active and curious growing toddler. Class size is limited to ten children who are cared for and taught by a loving and experienced teacher and teacher assistant. Through play, investigation and direct instruction, children extend their language ability, mathematical thinking and add to their knowledge base. Teachers pay particular attention to each child’s cognitive, emotional and social development. They plan daily activities that encourage thinking and communication. Art and music are every day happenings as are relaxing and listening to a good story.

Practice is critical for toddlers to improve their fine and gross motor skills. Writing with crayons or pencils, drawing, painting at an easel, puzzles, stringing beads, scooping sand, squeezing play dough, building with blocks and running small cars are just some of the ways in which toddlers are encouraged to use the many small muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists. There is also ample opportunity for large motor development as children explore our age appropriate playgrounds or participate in our gymnastics program.

Toddler language development occurs at different rates for different children. Our teachers are active and patient language partners and keep the door open by promoting conversation. They take the time to listen, and do not speak for the child. Children are read to every day and use language play such as rhymes, finger play, poems and songs.

In Ivy League’s learn through play environment, toddlers learn their numbers, letters, shapes, colors, celebrate the arrival of the seasons, increase their attention span, and learn to make friends while encouraging cooperative play. Just imagine your child enjoying this stimulating setting.

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