Ivy League

Enriched Pre-Kindergarten Programs

(4 Year Olds)

Parents of children who show superior learning and retention abilities, are insatiably curious and have a long attention span, should consider this unique Ivy League pre-school program for their 4 year old. In a stimulating and growth friendly environment, an enriched and accelerated interdisciplinary curriculum involves children in a variety of intriguing activities to broaden and deepen their knowledge base beyond the curriculum in our enriched Pre-Kindergarten program. Specially designed learning activities at varying levels of sophistication include above grade level materials to enhance thinking skills, problem solving and creative expression. This is a great opportunity for children who are already fluent in letter recognition as learning sight words, writing stories using invented spelling, and solving simple math problems are all part of the curriculum. Our young students’ knowledge of science and social studies concepts is greatly enhanced through the use of SMART Board® technology with observation skills. To receive the maximum benefit from this 5 day/week accelerated program, teachers work with children individually and in small groups. There is still plenty of time for music, art, unstructured activities, purposeful play and just having fun.